Smart Contract Development

The development of smart contracts eliminates the need of a middleman. This applies to everything from development, designing and even auditing. This self-executing system operates on the Ethereum platform as well as others for the best possible results when it comes to automated transactions.

Dapps Development 

Dapps refers to decentralized applications that work on blockchain technology. These are completely tailored and provide smart benefits while also offering high proficiency, advanced options and scalability. 

Blockchain Development on a Private Level

Building applications with the benefits of blockchain technology. This refers to completely private blockchain apps for just about any organization and industry. These aim to save costs, not only on operations but infrastructure as well.

Blockchain Consulting 

Get advice on your blockchain opportunities and what the system is actually capable of. This is simply the best way to make the most of the technology. It ensures the best of what’s available, especially with expertise allowing you to reach the ultimate of what the industry offers. 

Launch and ICO Development

End-to-end ICO development and launch present a wide range of specialized features and functionality. This includes web design, whitepapers, and even smart contracts. It can also offer both pre and post ICO service opportunities as well as the evaluation of token models. 

Exchange Platform

Exchange platforms make it possible to buy and sell in various digital currencies. This assistance provides details so you can use the cryptocurrency exchange at ease. 

Development in Crypto Wallet

Cryptocurrency wallets are perfect to store your digital cash and keep it safe. Use our assistance to develop these wallets and make it easy to maintain and transact these currencies. Our meticulous programming makes it easy to make the most of it. 

Multichain and Hyperledger Development 

We assist our clients in all their blockchain projects. This includes blockchain at an enterprise level with open source framework. For example, we can aid in creating platforms and tools in Hyperledger development.

Tools and Technologies that We Explore 

  • Bitcoin
  • Hyperledger
  • Solidity
  • Ethereum
  • Cryptocurrencies 

Our Serving Industries 

  • Government 
  • Healthcare 
  • Real Estate 
  • Banking 
  • Entertainment 
  • Supply Chain 
  • Insurance 
  • Retail 

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Our aim for Tekbilge is to create a global destination for all your next-generation IT solutions. We strive to perfect the solutions and avoid the common development mistakes so many seen to fall into. Thus, our service aims for excellence from the very beginning for the ultimate service delivery. 


We know deadlines are as important as cost-effective service delivery. Therefore, we aim to supply the realistic timelines that we keep. At the same time, we ensure only the highest quality on services rendered. 

Our Values

Things can become rather complicated with some new products. However, we have a specialized system that keeps everyone in the loop. We also aim to ensure our team has the resources they need to perform at their very best. We’re understanding and always considerate, not only for our team but clients as well. 


We build a high level of trust with our clients and remain respectful for their investments and goals. This means we always ensure you know what’s the next step and progress of our project.  Owned by one technophile, Tekbilge aims to provide the highest level of success. The owner understands the struggle with new start-ups, small businesses and solopreneurs. They can’t just approach the giants. However, we make it possible to utilize our top-rated service and still gain the talent we deliver. Our aim to provide the next level in the IT generation is sure to assist with the development of your project. Tekbilge presents this service and our goal since 2014. 

We Do More Than Solutions

To ensure we set you up for success, it’s important we avoid the trend of underdeveloped technology. Unfortunately, many companies emerging in blockchain now depend on fragile software that’s outdated. Much of this comes with from the popular Bitcoin craze. Thus, much of the software is now old and unscalable and needs replacement.  At Tekbilge, more than 100 of the biggest blockchain tech companies now benefit from our expertise. We identify the issues, which goes far beyond the standard problems common with older technology and traditional brokers. Currently, the industry software remains somewhat standardized and fragmented. However, it also creates loads of room for improvement when it comes to customization. This means those looking to create something completely different have the right opportunities with experts advising them along the way.  Tekbilge provides all the solutions you need. This includes everything from creating new software right from the start. We also assist in replacing software for better performance and customization. 

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